LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Editor's note: The video shown above is from lottery winnings in Jonesboro, Ark.

A retired Atkins Marine Corps veteran, who served twice as a platoon commander in Vietnam, claimed a lottery prize worth $230,000 on Friday, Aug. 30 but didn’t realize he had won the jackpot until he arrived at the lottery Claim Center.

Roy Morris purchased the Quick Pick Natural State Jackpot ticket at Tobacco Town Atkins.

Morris didn’t discover that he had won anything until Thursday, Aug. 29 when he scanned his ticket at the retailer.

“The ticket checker told me that I needed to file a claim form. I knew I had won more than $500 but wasn’t sure about the amount,” he said.

Morris asked his sister, Shirley, to drive him to Little Rock due to him having problems with his truck.

“I prayed last night before our trip that Roy had won it all. He helps everyone and will give them his last dollar,” she said. “I’m so proud of my brother, and he deserves this!”

The duo didn’t discover that Shirley found the answer to her prayers until lottery officials told them Morris had won the $230,000 jackpot.

Morris plans to help his family and make repairs on his truck with his winnings.

“To be honest, I finally got excited about my win when I realized that I could finally get my truck fixed! I have two priorities – my family and truck,” Morris chuckled. “I’m going to make my ride pretty!”