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Wreaths laid on veteran graves in Midland

"Just showing them that we still care about them and that's something that's very important to military people."

MIDLAND, Texas — Hundreds of servicemen and women are buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Midland. 

Established in 1885, the Fairview Cemetery has historical significance for those in our community.

"We are placing wreaths on the graves of our fallen heroes and if you look you'll see we have several out here and we'll be putting about 1500 wreaths out on this cemetery" said Jim Basse of the Patriot Guard Riders.

With veterans from different wars, different ranks and different branches, they are all deserving of the same respect.

"It's awe inspiring to know that all these people, all these veterans that we're placing a wreath on, they all served, they all gave what they had and many of them, if you look back at the markers on the graves, a lot of them were killed in action, a lot of them didn't make it home," Basse said.

Laying a wreath down on the grave is just a small token of thanks for what they've done to protect our freedom. 

"We place the wreath, come to attention, salute, repeat the person's name and then go on, we do that because that way that person is never forgotten, as long as your name is still being said you'll never be forgotten," said Basse.

The Patriot Guard Riders help keep their spirit alive, along with their families.

"For Christmas, because Christmas is hard on some people, one of them we came across and the family of this on particular veteran had placed a pecan pie on his grave, I guess he liked pecan pie and there's a pecan pie sitting out there which is really cool," said Basse.

Because those who have served deserve to be remembered.

"Just showing them, that we still care about them and that's something that's very important to military people especially for us to be able to do that," said Basse.