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Mental health expert breaks down rise in school threats, violence

Inflation, overcrowding and the end of the pandemic could be some of many reasons why we've seen an increase in violence.

MIDLAND, Texas — Midland ISD and Ector County ISD have had to deal with threats, violence and weapons being brought to school since the start of the school year. 

"Adjusting to the environment, going to school is stressful," Dr. Bobby Jain with Texas Tech Physicians Psychiatry said.

There are could be a number of reasons as to why there have been so many incidents this year. Some could even be financial.

"Because the inflation has gone up so much, some of the necessities, some of the things that families are struggling with may include both parents," Jain said. "That leaves a little bit of less supervision or less parental supervision at home, or support, rather, at home."

It could also have to do with bigger class sizes and less supervision and staff.

"The overcrowding of the classroom for example, where the proportion of teachers with students have become disproportionately unfavorable to say the least," Jain said. "For example, if a child has some learning issues, a child has some attentional issues or a child has some emotional issues, those needs are very difficult for a teacher to ascertain."

Some students may be asking for help in the wrong places.

"Kids tend to resort to seeking advice and help from group chats, or social media outlets, instead of, rather, talking to adults, and not necessarily getting the right advice to cope with this situation," Jain said

It's important for parents and students to pay attention.

"It's important for parents to be in touch with their kids and the pulse of their life," Jain said. "Kids are the best source of preventing any sort of future violence."

The best solution is to get help or assist kids in getting it.

"I think mental health awareness and acceptability and intervention in the school is the most important," Jain said.

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