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Allergies become more prevalent with West Texas wind and dust

Spring is here and so are those allergies. Doctor advise taking an antihistamine or allergy medication to treat those runny noses and eyes.

MIDLAND, Texas — The wind blowing all of this dust is pretty normal here in West Texas but all of this dust being blown doesn't make it fun for people with allergies.

Dr. Lawrence Voeseck with Odessa Regional Medical Center said during allergy season in the Spring, things like dust and pollen can get you sneezing and wiping your nose. 

"Allergies are present all year long however there are different things that can spark someone's allergies," Dr. Voeseck said. "Typically in this area the wind blows for all four directions. If you watch the weather it will show you sometimes it blows in from the south bringing in cedar, sometimes it comes in from the north bringing in dust storms in comes in from the east it comes in from the west."

Then the particles in the dust that we can't see are making our allergies act up more. 

"What happens is all of this stuff brings in particles from other areas that people aren’t accustom to here," Dr. Voeseck said.

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He recommends taking an antihistamine or prescribed allergy medicine to treat your allergy symptoms. 

"Taking an antihistamine once a twice a day can make a difference for most people. Also you can add Sudafed to the antihistamine which will help dry up mucus," Dr. Voesack said.

Dr. Voeseck advises anyone with allergies to not let them go too long untreated because they can have an effect on your health. 

"You see people start with their allergies with the runny eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, and as they let it go on then it progresses into really affecting their sinuses then they start having cough and post nasal drainage," Dr. Voesack said. 

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