ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The West Texas Food Bank, in partnership with Fenly, has launched the Virtual Food Drive to help increase resources.

While traditional food drives have been successful for the food bank in the past, providing barrels to local businesses and groups can be time-consuming for the organization and the downturn in oil prices often means donations drop off significantly.

As a way to combat these slumps and maximize resources, the West Texas Food Bank has set up the Virtual Food Drive. Through this new format, individuals or teams can raise funds or start a virtual food drive with much less work than a traditional one.

The point of the new type of food drive is to donate money that goes towards a specific type of food. This way donors don’t have to go out of their way to collect food but can still ensure their money is going towards something specific.

West Texas Food Bank launches Virtual Food Drive
(Source: West Texas Food Bank)

Thanks to the partnerships with producers and growers in the food industry and the ability to buy in bulk, the West Texas Food Bank can purchase food for a significantly lower price. Since donation dollars stretch further, the Virtual Food Drive will allow the food bank to maximize their resources and provide for many more people in the West Texas area.

“It really could not be easier to support the West Texas Food Bank. We are always looking for new and different ways to get the community involved, and while we love traditional food drives, their model is cumbersome and can tie up valuable resources,” said Libby Campbell, Executive Director of the West Texas Food Bank.

“The virtual food drive will revolutionize the way our supporters can donate to the food bank. It’s as simple as going online and either donating to the Food Bank’s existing Virtual Food Drive, or they can even set up their own Virtual Food Drive to share with their friends, family and coworkers!”

As part of National Milk Day on January 11, the West Texas Food Bank is encouraging the public to check out the new VFD and buy a gallon of milk for the food bank.

To find out more about the Virtual Food Drive or to donate you can click here.