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West Texas Food Bank deals with inflation

Not only are individuals and families seeing the impacts of inflation, organizations are too.

MIDLAND, Texas — Inflation hasn't only been affecting individuals and families, entire organizations have also been affected, including the West Texas Food Bank.

The food bank has noticed an uptick in the need for their services.

“We do serve 19 counties," said Libby Campbell, CEO of West Texas Food Bank. "This is equivalent to 34,000 square miles of west Texas. So, it’s the same size as the state of Maine. Since June we have seen a steady pound increase that we distribute to those 19 counties. And almost all of the people that we’re dealing with have jobs and they really just honestly cannot afford to make ends meet because of the cost of commodities in the grocery stores right now.”

The supply issues coming up for them are making their job a little more difficult.

“We’re seeing a huge difficulty actually starting to procure food," said Campbell. "I mean we will order trucks and trucks get cancelled. We had three trucks of cereal that were supposed to be here a month ago, and the distributer actually canceled because they didn’t have enough stuff to make our order of cereal.”

Even with those challenges, the food bank hasn't given up their mission. In fact, they are far from it. But they say that food donations can go a long way in helping them out even just a bit.

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