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West Texas artwork on display at the Haley Memorial Library and History Center

"There’s a huge difference between seeing art on a screen or doing a virtual tour of it and actually going and standing in front of it."

MIDLAND, Texas — Art has always been in E. Dan Klepper's life.

This West Texas resident's 10-year portfolio called "Contemporary West" is on display in Midland until next month.

The exhibit gives traditional photography a modern art spin.

The focus: life and landscape in West Texas.

It all stemmed from Klepper's fascination with old western films as a kid.  

"Watching those movies, I would think wow, I could just take anything from this landscape and if I photographed it right or if I could photograph it in a way that was convincing and dramatic enough, then I could make my own western reality," Klepper said. 

Some of these western realities captured are in our own backyard. 

"The drive in movies are actually the Big Sky Drive-In in Midland," Klepper said. 

Or this West Texas gem...the Ector Theater.

"It was just like this wow moment when I looked at that and I thought when Elvis was really touring at the time, this is probably exactly what this street corner looked like," Klepper said. 

Each location a mainstay in our community, now on display. 

"Seeing art, there's just a huge difference in the way that art can reach out to you and say something to you and move you," Klepper said. 

Klepper's vision, a reminder of how beautiful our home is.

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