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Where can you go to get warm as Midland sees cold weather?

The Midland Salvation Army warming shelter will be open for the community.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland Salvation Army plans on giving a helping hand to those in need of a warm place this season.

Not too long ago the Midland Salvation army received a donation of 100 cots by Emergency Management.

This means that they can accommodate more people during the upcoming cold days and nights.

“We've been open for our warming station ever since the weather got cold to begin with. Because at night the temperature still seems to be around that range. So we haven't closed the warming station at all. So we do invite anybody who's out there on the streets or in a trailer or anything that doesn't have heat to come on and stay the night. You don't need ID. Just come here, throw you on a cot, give you some nice food. Nice warm food,” said Captain Robert Coriston, Commanding Officer of the Midland Salvation Army.

Facilities like these mean so much to those in the community that use their services during times of cold weather.

“It’s nice to know that there are some facilities that are some facilities that are helping assist individuals and keep them from freezing to death. Cause i know that during the winter time they do find these elderly gentleman where they’ve frozen to death out there when the weather gets as bad as it’s supposed to be getting,” said Estevan Deases, a visitor of the Salvation Army.

In the coming cold weather the people of Midland have a place to get warmed up should they ever need it.

We reached out to the Odessa Salvation Army and Jesus House Odessa as well about their warming shelters this season, as both communities often open shelters when temperatures dip below freezing.

Both were unavailable to comment at this time.

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