MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Permian Basin the past few days has been experiencing warmer temperatures causing elevated risk for wildfires.

Windy weather, low humidity and lack of moisture in the West Texas air right now are perfect conditions for wild fires.

Therefore, this kicks off fire weather season with and will last through May, the peak time of year in the area.

The National Weather Service recommends things you can do to prevent wildfires.

“Be very cautious with your outdoor flames... whether you’re welding, smoking a cigarette or anything that’s gotta do outdoor barbecues, fires whatever.. just be aware that any little spark or ember or anything like that that gets loose can get into the grasses around here...” said Chief Meteorologist David Hennig.

Hennig also mentions that the grasses in the area are what can fuel the fires.

He says, “They can spread pretty quickly due to the fact that grass catches fire pretty quickly... its a fine fuel... And the smaller the fuels the finer your fuels are... the faster they are able to catch fire. So grass fires can spreak really pretty quickly...”

It is still too early in the wildfire season to be able to tell exactly how bad the weather will be this year, but time will tell.