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Virtual Reality used to help train Odessa Police Officers

The new Odessa Police Department Training facility has VR technology, larger classrooms and more room to train recruits and officers

ODESSA, Texas — Virtual Reality is some of latest technology that is helping train officers at the Odessa Police department.

"Its giving you active shooter scenarios, you know, shoot no shoot scenarios," said Sgt. Carlos Chavez, OPD range master.

The new Odessa Police Department Training Facility has VR technology, new classrooms and more room to train recruits and officers that are already in working with OPD.

"I think one thing that a lot of people complain about in law enforcement is making sure that officers are trained properly and I think that one thing that we're striving for here in our police department and that's what this training facility here is going to be for," said Cpl. Marshall Williams, Background Investigator.

And the VR training technology at the facility is only one of four in the state.

Before, the Odessa Police Department trained in Police Departments Basement, so this is quite the upgrade for the station overall.

"The training, the rooms the technology, that something that we didn't have in the other building so that's a good attraction," said Sgt. Chavez.

When it comes to recruiting new officers , it holds a lot of leverage

"This has been an incredible tool for me in regards to recruiting," said Cpl. Williams. "Every time they walk into a new room they're blown away by the technology, the layout, the design, how it looks and I've had people once they're done with the tour, they immediately say where do I sign up or where do I apply."

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