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Numerous scholarship opportunities available for UT Permian Basin students

The University of Texas Permian Basin are making sure students can easily access a variety of scholarships while attending the school.

ODESSA, Texas — For students school with get back in full swing soon and the University of Texas Permian Basin has been holding their last couple of orientation sessions for incoming students.

A time they are using to make sure students and parents are aware of the scholarship opportunities that are available. 

“A lot of our scholarships are automatic when students apply we automatically consider them those are our academic scholarships just for continuing their studies and being successful and we also have scholarships that various donors have funded throughout the year they’re tied to a major or maybe their particular interest," says PJ Woolston, Vice President of Enrollment Management at UT Permian Basin. 

Woolston says the school wants to make sure every student has the ability to at least apply for a scholarship. 

"We finally figured out a way to make it so that students can apply for these scholarships not just us considering students automatically but through both of those ways we’re able to match scholarships to students," says Woolston. 

At one of UTPB's biggest orientation, they believe it's a vital time to get much needed information out to mom, dad the their future falcon. 

Credit: KWES

"We’ll talk about it at orientation, we’ll talk about it in classrooms talk about it in the department. I mean we’re really focused on affordability and anything we can do to help students know how to access funding so that we can make college affordable, we’re going to do that."

There are multiple ways for students to access scholarships.

"Go to the office of financial aid and scholarships and they can get everybody in the right place but you can also access our office financial aid and scholarships on the website. We actually, we partner with Awardspring who helps us get that scholarship information out to students Awardspring also has a website. A couple of ways we’re trying to make sure that students have all the information that they need," says Woolsten.