MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Every week, the cast of 100 does about 1,000 hours of volunteer work with schools and local non-profits.

They perform a show at each stop about unity and Up with people will soon make its way to West Texas.

"The last time we were here was 1998, I believe, so it was just about time to come back and spread this positive message to the youth," Michelle Aguirre, promotion representative with Up with the People said.

While they're here, they will be working with local elementaries and holding workshops for the students.

The cast helps them understand a world outside of the Permian Basin so the students can have a wide range and view of other cultures.

"Cultural awareness and just our different cultures and understandment," Aguirre said, "and also some leadership workshops, communication workshops, we have a world dance class to teach the kids about different dances from all over the world and about their history."

They will also make time to do any kind of volunteer work the area needs.

Although they make stops in bigger cities, Aguirre said its just as important to make a stops in smaller towns like Midland and Odessa.

"People forget about how they can also use their voice and how they can help their own communities that there living in," Aguirre said. "We don't wanna just go to a community and help and then leave, but we like to leave like a little seed in the community for them to start using a voice and thinking about world issues and issues in their community and start helping and starting using their voice."

The Permian Basin can also expect a show.

Up with people will be performing a live two-hour show taking the audience on journey through time, the world, and humanity.