MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - "Up with People" will be bringing 100 participants to the Permian Basin for one week of community service and much more.

"Up with People is a non-profit organization that gathers youth from all over the world between the ages of 17-29 years old and basically what we do is, every week between the six months to one year, we travel to a different city, or even continent," said Roger Galindo with Up with People.

The participants have already traveled to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They will also travel to Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

Midland/Odessa landed a spot on this world tour thanks to sponsorship from Henry Resources, helping bring this organization back to Midland for a second time.

"We picked it based on sponsorships so there's sponsors that bring us to each city. Actually, we were here in Midland in 1998 so that was the last time we were here as an organization," Galindo said.

The young adults do not stay in hotels during their time in each city. Instead, they get to stay with local host families in the community.

"We do not stay in hotels because we want to create a cultural exchange and for our participants to get to know more about the area that we visit, and of course, the people in the area, to know more about our participants and our cultures," said Galindo.

The young adults will be arriving in Midland/Odessa on April 10 and currently still need about 79 more host families for all the participants.

Being a host family is something Galindo says is a wonderful experience.

"All those little moments, they are just priceless. And it's just a great opportunity to bring the world home without traveling."

For more information on the program and where to sign up to be a host family, visit their website.