Almost $7 million, that's how much was recently awarded for more roadwork projects in Odessa. TXDOT says this fiscal year has been one for the books with projects. Their fiscal year ends here pretty soon on august 31st. By that time they will have pushed $195 million worth of projects through. That's more than double last years $80 million worth of projects.

"It certainly helps a lot to have that kind of funding to address the transportation needs in Texas," said Gene Powell with TXDOT.

Some of the big projects in the works right now are on I-20, Highway 302, Kermit Highway, and the FM-11 bridge near Imperial.

"Projects like that are all over the district. It's a lot of different projects. Probably about 30 projects in all," said Powell.

The nearly $7 million approved Thursday will focus on two specific projects. Resurfacing west loop 338 and repairing and replacing traffic signals throughout 12 counties.

"You know thankfully we have the oil industry here and a lot of people making good money in that industry but there's a toll on our roads from the heavy loads and that's what we're working on repairing," said Powell.

The $195 million of projects was allocated this fiscal year, but that doesn't mean the roadwork has started just yet.

"That's when those projects are elect. Some of those projects wont start until, you know some might not start until December or January depending on much time there is," said Powell.

The TXDOT Odessa district was also recently awarded just under $233,000 for another cause.

"We'll turn around and give it to the able center for independent living and it's for a transportation program that helps senior and disabled people," said Powell.