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TxDOT prepares for slick roads, advises drivers to slow down

"Slow way down, drive to conditions and leave plenty of room between yourself and other vehicles."

ODESSA, Texas — Snow, ice removal equipment, chemicals and staff are ready to take on the storm.

"We'll be patrolling what we call hotspots," said Gene Powell with TxDOT.

TxDOT staff will be working on the roads and split between the two cities.

"Sections like Odessa and Midland have 14 to 15 people working so they'll be split in crews of seven. So they'll be addressing everywhere they can address but it's impossible to be everywhere." Said Powell.

Staff will do their best to clear roads, but it's also important that the public helps out too.

"We'll be patrolling our normal trouble spots and we'll be reacting the best we can, but as much as we are out there and as much as we are working, you know, expect ice to be on the road because we can't prevent it all," said Powell. "Regardless of what road you're on, slow down, act like it hasn't been treated and expect ice, because we can't prevent ice, all we can do is fight it once it starts forming."

Some of the tools used to fight the ice are salt and magnesium chloride.

"[TxDOT uses] hard granule material called meltdown 20, it's got magnesium chloride and salt, it helps break up the ice so we can remove it if we need to," Powell said.

It's also important to keep your distance from these trucks if you're driving behind them.

"People really need to stay away from our trucks because it's hard granule material that will scratch your paint, so give us room to work, give us a couple hundred yards if you can," said Powell.

Powell has some other tips for driving in the snow, if you have to. Make sure your car is prepared, plan to double commute times, and don't use cruise control.

"Slow way down, drive to conditions and leave plenty of room between yourself and other vehicles," said Powell.

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