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TSA fixes equipment issue at Midland Air and Spaceport

Waiting times and lines went back to normal at the Midland Air and Spaceport.

MIDLAND, Texas — The TSA experienced equipment failure Tuesday at the Midland International Air and Spaceport. This caused waiting times for travelers to increase. 

Early Wednesday morning the lines were still out the doors.

But the TSA equipment that failed has been fixed and the waiting times have gone back to normal.

Travelers should still expect the airport to still be busy due to the holiday season, but travelers like Rodrigo Iglesias can already tell the difference compared to yesterday.

“You know what? This is one of the places that like- as you see I’m chilling. I know I have to go up there and gonna get in line and everything is smooth. I love this place... It's smooth and everybody, all the people...they're really nice,” said Iglesias.

It’s good experiences like these when everything’s running smoothly that leaves a lasting impression on travelers.

“You know I feel like I’m at home. I’m at home, seriously. I’ve been travelling to New York, Ohio, you name it. But it’s something- I feel good right here. When I go out or when I come back,” Iglesias continued.

Again, keep in mind that it is still holiday season. So the airport will still be busy because of the amount of people wanting to fly out or in for the holidays.

The Midland Airport still recommends that travelers arrive two hours early in order to give themselves breathing room in case anything comes up.

They also recommend making sure everything that can't be in your bag is out of it ahead of time.

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