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Truckers taking the wheel in combating human trafficking

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, recently announced a collaboration trying to combat a huge issue.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, recently announced a collaboration trying to combat a huge issue.

Truckers Against Trafficking is hoping to ensure victims will be identified and rescued when they're at truck stops.

Human trafficking occurs across the nation at truck stops, and often in two forms, either through commercial sex or fake massage businesses.

Sex trafficking at truck stops is frequently advertised through Citizens Band radio, which is a form of short distance radio used by truckers.

This source of advertisement is concealed through slang code specific to the trucking industry, something only truckers will understand.

On site, buyers signal that they want commercial sex in ways such as using their headlights or stickers on their windows. Victims then follow by knocking on the cab doors of trucks in the parking lots, often truck stop parking lots.

But Simone Valdez, Business Manager at TM Trucking, thinks this problem isn't with local trucking companies in the area.

"I would say I would see a problem more with the truckers that are at the truck stops more long-term than just the local trucks who get their diesel and go on their way," Valdez said.

Truck drivers also play an important part in detecting suspicious activity, especially somewhere where they frequently stop or stay for a long period of time.

This new partnership Paxton said will help not only on how to educate truck drivers on the signs of human trafficking but also how to report it.

"From what I've known it's just something that's always been there and always been an issue," said Valdez. "Obviously not just in the West Texas area, but in and around truck stops across the country in general."

Human trafficking is a global problem and it's going to take a united effort to stop it.

The testimonial on Truckers against Trafficking's website prove an indication that people are ready to fight and stop this major issue.