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Truck drivers rush to deliver supplies while dealing with the effects of Coronavirus over-shopping and regulations

Truck drivers say it has become hard for them to find a place to eat, park or buy essentials for themselves.

OHIO, USA — Right now, truck drivers are the lifeline of making sure your produce and essential items make it to stores during the coronavirus crisis. 

However, most are having to jump through several hoops to deliver those items. 

"Everybody's in chaos, the way everybody is buying everything off the shelves and what not, like we're not out here doing our jobs making sure those shelves are getting stocked," said David Coates a truck driver who delivers food. 

The buying frenzy following the coronavirus has truck drivers in over time to keep up. 

Add that to the new regulations of closing areas where there are mass gatherings. 

"They're only opening select rest areas. But that leaves a lot of them closed. We're required to do 10 hours everyday. Makes parking that's already hard, even more hard to find," said Curtis Formybuval, a truck driver. 

Plus it's difficult for truck drivers to stop for a bite to eat, when most sit down restaurants are closed and they can't go through a drive-thru. 

But what's really affecting Coates, a father of four, is being able to make it back safe to kids after delivering the food from his truck. 

"Cause we're always on the road, we never got a chance to stop or anything so the stuff we need, we never go the chance to get it. Like I need gloves and everything. All the hand-sanitizer I never got a chance to get that stuff," said Coates. 

Coates was so eager to find supplies he even asked WTOL reporters if they had some supplies but they didn't have any on hand. 

And while some truck drivers are more prepared with food and other essentials, they're all ready to see the silver lining. 

"I'm hoping that we can get everything under control. Things don't go overboard like they seem to be and that we can get our everyday living and world back in normal order," said Formybuval. 

"I'm hoping at some point everything, people will calm down, first of all with all the panic cause that kinda put us in a predicament that we're in now cause us drivers, we basically got to go non-stop now," added Coates. 

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