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New water meters and ways to track your water consumption

The City of Midland is in the process of replacing the old water meters as well as creating a new system that would allow you to track your water usage hourly.

MIDLAND, Texas — It's relatively easy to figure out how much electricity you use on a daily basis. The same can't be said for your water consumption. 

That makes it much more difficult to determine what your bill will look like on a month-to-month basis.

Tony Goyang, the division manager of the water department, is working on a system that will allow people to monitor their water consumption on a daily basis.

"We’re working on the AMI, which is automated meter infrastructure, and we’re hoping by the time we get all of that done then citizens will be able to monitor their consumption more on a daily basis," Goyang said.

The new AMI meters will provide customers with more accurate water consumption data down to the hour as opposed to the day.

"One good thing about this new AMI meter is that we would be able to do a data log and it will provide us with data on an hourly basis," Goyang said.

The City of Midland is working as fast as they can to get this system out to everyone, but there is currently no set date as to when this system will be available.

"We don’t have a very specific date. We’re hoping it will be within the next six months or so. That’s our hope, but with things being what they are right now it’s kind of set everybody back," Goyang said.

Along with the AMI, Goyang says that they are also working on a customer portal that would make it easier for people to look at their water usage.

"We’re currently working towards the customer portal where they would be able to set their own parameters and know when their water usage goes above their set parameters," Goyang said.


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