ODESSA, Texas — There' s making a mountain out of molehill, there's illegally dumping an unwanted couch on a remote road, then there's literally dumping a mountain of unwanted tires on someone else's private property.

We've been hearing about the on-going problem of illegal dumping that has been plaguing both Midland and Odessa over the recent years. And as I have recently reported, both have created Environmental Task Offices to investigate these ever increasing cases. 

Midland recently even approved the funding for specialized surveillance trail cams that they are using to monitor popular locations where illegal dumpers are repeatedly unloading their trash.

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But over in Odessa a piece of private property has been targeted for the unloading of hundreds of tires and Odessa Crime Stoppers has now adopted the "treadful" case and is asking for your help.

The Odessa Crime Stopper's Facebook post stated, " For the love of mankind! Would you look at this?! Some asshat or from the looks of it asshats, damaged a fence in the 6400 block of Carter and illegally dump a crap ton of tires".

Tires Dumped In odessa
Odessa Crimestoppers

In the post Odessa Crime Stoppers expresses that with the amount of the tires it seems obvious that there was more than one culprit involved in the dump, which as they say, "Usually means someone wont be able to keep their trap shut."

And that is exactly what they are counting on to get to the bottom of this unwanted mount of radial rubber. 

"The property owner should not have to be cleaning up someone else's mess!", explained the social media post from Odessa Crime Stoppers.

The rather playful post on the "tiresome" situation included the hashtags... #MichelinManBodyDump, #WeKnowWeShouldGoAfterRealCriminals, #ButIfYouLiveOutThere, #ItIsARealCrime.  As well as... #WhenYoureNotALegitTireShop, #CantFixStupid, #TheySeeMeRollin, #DropADimeOnUs, #333TIPS.

Crime Stopper Tire Dumped Post
Odessa Crime Stoppers Facebook Page

So if you or someone you know may have information on these rubber handed dumpers, Odessa Crime Stoppers wants you to drop a dime and possibly pick up some reward cash if your info leads to the arrest of the wanted wheel renegades. 

You can connect with Crime Stoppers on their Facebook page or by calling them at 432 333 TIPS.