CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — This time of year usually means a bit more rain in Corpus Christi, and that is why the City is bringing back their rain barrel program.

Residents can stop by City Hall to purchase the 55-gallon containers, which capture rain water from roof tops. The water that is collected can be used for gardens, lawns and even more.

Not only does it help with your yard, but City officials said it can also help you save a quick buck.

"It helps us all out. It helps us with conserving water. It helps you with your utility bill, and then it also helps the environment," Water Resource Manager Steve Ramos said.

Each rain barrel is about $47 dollars with tax. To purchase one, City officials said you can go to the central cashier's office at City Hall, located at 1201 Leopard Street. You can then pick up your barrel with your receipt at the City warehouse on Civitan Drive.

Only two barrels can be purchased per household.

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