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Gov. Abbott mourns the death of his mother-in-law, Maria de la Luz 'Lucy' Phalen

The governor's mother-in-law died on Saturday evening at the age of 86.

AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott is mourning the loss of his mother-in-law, Maria de la Luz "Lucy" Phalen, who died on Saturday evening at the age of 86 while surrounded by her family.

After her passing, the governor issued the following statement:

“I’m heartbroken to announce that the woman who became known as ‘mi suegra’ has passed away,” he said. “During my 39 years of marriage to her daughter, Maria de la Luz ‘Lucy’ Phalen has been a constant source of love, strength and support, all of which were bolstered by her faith in God. A first-generation American and long-time teacher, Lucy always provided a lens to see the future through the eyes of limitless opportunity. Her unending love was showered on family, friends, strangers, and even stray animals. She loved everyone. That love surrounded her today as she passed with her family and loved ones by her side. Cecilia, Audrey, and I keep her in our prayers as she finds peace on the path to Heaven.”

“Con un corazón roto anuncio que la mujer quien fue conocida como ‘mi suegra’ ha fallecido. Durante mis 39 años de matrimonio con su hija, Maria de la Luz ‘Lucy’ Phalen ha sido una fuente constante de amor, fuerza y apoyo, de lo cual todo se reforzaba en su fe en Dios. Siendo una americana de primera generación, y una maestra por mucho tiempo, Lucy siempre proveyó una visión hacia un futuro lleno de oportunidades sin límites. Su amor interminable fue compartido con su familia, amigos, desconocidos, y hasta con animales sin hogar. Ella amaba a todos. Ese amor la rodeaba hoy mismo cuando falleció en compañía de su familia y seres queridos. Cecilia, Audrey, y yo la mantenemos en nuestras oraciones para que encuentre paz en su camino al cielo.”


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