Brian Wise

Texas Safe Schools Week and the Texas Education Agency want to raise awareness about the different factors of having a safe classroom. One safety factor in schools is reporting student teacher relationships. Gene Acuna, representative for the TEA talked about the importance of identifying issues.

"Well the reminder that's been sent out during Safe School's Week is that everyone in education plays a role in identifying and reporting these kinds of improper relationships," Acuna said.

The TEA receives calls of allegations and aids schools in documenting findings about teachers. For the last three years though, the TEA has seen a disturbing trend.

"Unfortunately for the TEA, the number of open investigations into allegations of student-educator relationships has been on a steady increase over the last three years," Acuna said.

The media has reported on some of these incidents but the TEA attributes the increase to a couple of certain factors.

"We can attribute that to a lot of different factors. Better reporting by the school district, better reporting by the school staff, understanding that they need to report and the technology that we are using today," Acuna said.

So the same technology students use to text their friends and stay in touch with parents, also makes it easier for these kinds of relationships to occur.

"I can say that the various social media activities going on now allows for greater interaction with a student that weren't there before. You don't have to be on campus now to make direct contact with a student," Acuna said.