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Teen Challenge still helping community members with addiction even after COVID shutdown, 35% donation loss

Their normal budget is $1.25 million. This year they're running on $750,000.

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — To say Teen Challenge has faced some serious challenges this year is an understatement. 

On top of every single man in their program and staffers testing positive for COVID a few months ago, they've also been working off of significantly less donation money. 

But they're still finding ways to help West Texans in need.

If anyone knows about struggle in 2020, it's Teen Challenge.

"We run off of a budget that normally is about $1.25 million and we are down about 40%," said Tyler Murphy, Teen Challenge administrative director.

That means they're keeping their lights on and water running for our community members dealing with addiction, but they're doing it with $500,000 less than last year.

"Our bills range normally about $80,000 a month, just for utilities," Murphy said.

You're probably wondering how they've done it.

It's been a whole lot of prayer, over $300,000 in grant money and by ever so slightly dipping into their emergency fund.

The important thing is their doors are still open for the most lonely and vulnerable West Texans, just like Armando Molina was when he was addicted to opiates.

"It's giving hope to a world and a community that is hopeless. Here in Odessa, Midland we're overrun with drug use," said Molina, program graduate and volunteer.

Armando is now two years sober and giving back to the place that gave him everything.

"It pretty much restored everything in my life. I've got a good job, me and my wife are doing good," Molina said.

All in all, this financial challenge for Teen Challenge is just a bump in the road, because lives are still being renewed in Midland County every single day.

Teen Challenge is hosting a virtual fundraiser next month on November 7, 2020 at 7 p.m.