TACOMA, Wash. — For kids like Vincenzo Di Salvo, a university education can seem out of reach. But the Tacoma teenager beat the odds and overcome homelessness to make it to college.

“Since I was kid I've always had this dream, and it's just crazy to know that I got that," Di Salvo said.

Di Salvo came to Stadium High School as a sophomore, and he says the support he got from his teachers and staff gave him hope. At the time he was sleeping outside by the dumpsters at Jason Lee Middle School.

"I guess the reason why I'm here is cause at those times I was sleeping outside, and I would always look at the stars and be like, this is my dream, all those stars. I would choose every dream that I always wanted to do," he said.

Di Salvo threw himself into school and extracurriculars, playing baseball, basketball, and football in addition to playing the saxophone and participating in theater.

But the experience he is really looking forward to is hopefully going to college this fall at the University of Arizona. The goal is to get enough scholarships for him to be able to enroll.

However, right now he's grateful that his story can inspire others.

“I'm glad I went through all these experiences so that I can relate to other kids,” Di Salvo said. “Relate to them and show them that they can do anything if they just want to.”

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