MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Recent survey responses from Midland ISD's Listen and Learn Tour have taught the district what they need to do going forward.

"We've asked them what they want us to keep doing. What they want us to stop doing. What they want us to start doing," said Dr. Elise Kail, Midland ISD.

As the community speaks, Midland ISD is listening.

"All of it is very logical," said Kail.

Some of the points brought up: the district should keep a growth mindset and no excuses philosophy. They should stop doing things because it's been the status quo. They should start planning for the future.

There were over 100 responses. Midland ISD officials are now already working towards solutions.

"This is where the priorities lay, this is where we need to go and this is a strategy to implement to make this happen," said Kail.

The surveys have kept the transparency between district and community.

"I would want them to have the opportunity to give us input about what's important to them as a community and then for them within a couple of months to see us taking their input and putting it into action," said Kail.

The goal is to be the best school district Midland ISD can be for students. As the district continues to be on the move, they are stopping to listen to concerns and suggestions along the way.