MIDLAND, Texas — With summer just around the corner and COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, more and more pools are going to be opening up. 

Midland Fire wants to remind West Texans how they can enjoy swimming and be safe, too.

“The number one thing is children and making sure they are never unattended," said Brian McGary, Midland Fire Assistant Chief. "Typically it’s the 5-year-olds or younger that we see as drowning victims.” 

But kids are not the only worry for firefighters. They also urge people not to drink and swim. 

“Alcohol is always a no no," McGary said. "If you’re around the water and you've been drinking it can impair your senses." 

He adds that drowning is not the only thing that can come from alcohol. 

"It’s tripping and falling, hitting your head on concrete, we’ll respond to head and neck injuries that can sometimes be catastrophic."

McGary says the start of summer is when a majority of their drowning calls come in. He is hoping this year is different.

“It could be your family member or a loved one that we might have to run to," McGary said. "It's not just tragic for those families, it’s really hard on our guys too.”

Here are a few of the biggest things assistant chief McGary wants you to remember:

  • Don’t leave kids unattended, even if they’ve had swim lessons
  • Don’t drink and swim 
  • Learn hands-only CPR, there are videos on Youtube

Midland Fire Department wants to add that they can not fill up your pool with water. 

The city tells us the fire station has been getting countless calls with folks asking if they can fill up their pool if they donate, but no, you can not.

According to the chief Charles Blumenauer, unless it is a donation of a few million dollars, the answer is always going to no.


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