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Strangers save young boy from drowning

Now his family wants help finding the heroes who saved him.

ODESSA, Texas — A defining moment for three strangers who helped save an 11-year-old from drowning over the weekend.

Khais Green was playing in the shallow end of the Fundome pool with some other kids on Saturday when he ended up in the deep end.

The young boy is not a good swimmer and was not able to keep his head above water.

That is when three good Samaritans jumped in and pulled his unconscious body out of the pool.

They began performing CPR and helped his family get him to Medical Center Hospital, where he was then airlifted to Lubbock.

“I was here to have a gender reveal party, a baby shower for myself," Brittnee Ward, Kahis’ mom, said. "I was getting ready with my nieces and I heard people start yelling my room number."

Once she heard the yelling, she rushed to the pool. 

"I heard a little boy say 'a boy drowned'," Ward said.

Khais knew he could not swim but had been playing in the shallow end. 

“He met some kids here that he was playing with and he says he didn’t look at how deep it was when he did a cannonball," Ward said. "He went into panic mode and the kids were trying to help him, but they couldn’t, so they yelled for help.”

It was then three good Samaritans, two men and a woman, pulled him out of the pool and started CPR. 

“I just lost it, I forgot all my training, I’m a teacher and I forgot CPR," Ward said. "When it’s your baby it’s different. I just wanted him to wake up.” 

Ward says he was unresponsive and his body was limp.

"He was breathing and they were trying to calm me down because I was in a panic,” Ward said. 

Posted by Sammi Steele on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Samaritans, or angels as Britnee calls them, helped get Khais to Medical Center Hospital where he was then airlifted to Covenant Children’s in Lubbock. 

“My son was pronounced clinically dead, but the CPR brought him back to life," Ward said.

Khais was released from the hospital Sunday.

His family can not stop thinking of the three people who helped save him. They never got their names, but they will never forget their heroic actions. 

“Those people? I want to find them," Ward said. "They saved my son’s life, they saved my life and I'm just really grateful. God didn’t have to give him back and he gave them back to me. I am so thankful for them and I want them part of Kahis’ life.” 

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