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Stanton softball community holds vigil for victims of Uvalde shooting

One player with the Stanton Junior Buffs 14U team lost family members during the shooting.

STANTON, Texas — The Stanton community is keeping the Uvalde community, and one of their own, in their thoughts and prayers.

A softball player on the Stanton Junior Buffs 14U softball team lost four members of her family in the shooting.

"We are with the Stanton Junior Buffs 14U softball team, and our pitcher, she’s from there, and had four family members that she lost during this time," Ashley Melton, who organized the prayer vigil, said. "So we just kind of wanted to pay tribute to her and her family and all the families out there."

That family is in Uvalde to be with their loved ones, but back in Stanton, it's sanctuary on the softball diamond. It's a way to let their teammate know that Stanton stands with them.

The softball community didn't just offer up prayers. People raised funds to be sent to their friend, teammate and her family in Uvalde.

"The 14U team raised money and were able to raise around $500 for them," Melton said. "The Junior Buffs league donated $500 to them as well, and we’ve been sending them food and all that. Each player on our team has helped so much to support her and her family."

When their teammate gets back, her and her family will be welcomed back with open arms.

"We really hadn’t been able to see her or them since the tragedy, but I’m sure when she comes back, you know, each player will be there for her and we’re gonna have her back no matter what," Melton said.

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