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Springboard Center to launch new bilingual texting campaign

The new Family/Familia message will be used to reunite addicts with themselves and families with their loves ones lost in drugs and alcohol.
Credit: The Springboard Center

MIDLAND, Texas — The Springboard Center in Midland has started a new bilingual texting campaign looking to make an impact on reuniting addicts with themselves and families with their loved ones. 

The new Family/Familia message will be offered through the center's texting platform. 

“We’re bridging the gaps of language, family, and addiction in new ways," said Dr. Mark Alexander, Springboard’s Executive Director. "The path to recovery cannot be taken alone and it requires mending fences along the way. It’s what we’re passionate about and seeing families come back together makes it worth it.” 

When the message is sent on the texting platform, a series of testimonials from the Springboard clients and families will be sent out on a schedule. These will tell the success stories of people that used Springboard to fight their addiction battles. 

“Addiction isn’t a choice," Dr. Alexander said. "Recovery is. Once people hear these stories and feel that connection, they can take the first step here at Springboard.” 

For people that need more information, they can visit the center's website at www.springboardcenter.org.

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