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The Springboard Center has a new bilingual texting campaign to help addicts and their loved ones

Anyone battling an addiction or a loved one close to them can text 144FAMILY or 144FAMILIA to 50700 to start the campaign and road to recovery.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Springboard Center has developed their third texting campaign to help people battling addiction. By texting 144FAMILY to 50700 you can start your first step into recovery and start receiving testimonial videos from recovering addicts and their family members. 

A service that recovering addict, Roberta Dodd, wish she had access to when battling her addiction. 

"I was in active addiction for 22 years and I had the opportunity to start my recovery process here at the Springboard Center, seven years ago," says Dodd. 

Roberta's family was heavily affected during her addiction, which is why she is featured in one of the five videos in the campaign. 

"I know that desperation and I know what it feels like to be at the end of the rope to feel like you can never change and there were people here that gave me that opportunity and that were that for me and I wanna be that for other people," says Dodd.

This treatment facility came up with the name 'FAMILY' for this campaign because they say addiction affects more than just the addict. 

"The family is intended to do a couple of things, one of those is to help the community know that addiction is not a private matter. Addiction itself is an isolate reality for people who are involved in it but it’s not an isolated matter, if you have loved ones who surround you and are concerned about your addiction," says Dr. Mark Alexander, Springboard Executive Director.

"If there’s a family member out there who could be concerned about a loved one it gives them the opportunity to investigate whether or not my love one really has a problem or my loved one just over dos it sometimes," says Dr. Alexander. 

This campaign is also bilingual, if you text 144FAMILIA to 50700.

"We want to reach out and break down any barriers even if it’s language barriers and give people that are Spanish speaking the opportunity to come on board with us and get them in recovery," says Dr. Alexander.

Stepping into recovery with just a text message is something Roberta Dodd wants everyone to have the opportunity to do. 

"It’s hard when you’re in that position to know where to start and just texting SBC with the intention of saying, I need help, someone else is gonna take the first steps and guide you in the process and that was important in the beginning. I was overwhelmed and I needed someone to take me by the hand and walk me through it," says Dodd.