AUSTIN, Texas - When you want a quick snack, something crunchy and salty usually hits the spot.

So, how about you grab some...crickets?

An Austin company that's launching in H-E-B stores next week is hoping you'll keep an open mind.

Mohammad Ashour, the founder and CEO of EXO Protein, said the sustainability and high protein content of crickets make them a perfect snack.

"It doesn't give you the feel of the fat and the carbs that you get from chips...but it certainly is quite tasty, and a lot of people use them as a substitute for popcorn or other type munchies," Ashour said.

EXO protein sells whole-roasted crickets and also puts them into a protein powder to use in bars and bites.

Ashour said he gets it if you think that's a little weird.

"Absolutely. I mean most of the food that we eat at once one point was very strange," Ashour said. "I mean, think of sushi. Raw fish to most Americans 30 years ago was more than strange. It was revolting."

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