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Skateboarders, BMX riders, come together to discuss ways to improve Midland skate park

The William-Sam Memorial Skatepark was built over a decade ago. Some local BMX riders and skateboarders believe now is the time for some renovations.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Dustin Johnson has been on a skateboard for almost half his life.

"It's a way to clear my head, to relax," said Dustin Johnson, Founder, Midland Skatepark Association.

He goes to the William-Sam Memorial Skatepark to work on his moves. It's a park he has so many fond memories of.

"Knocking my tooth out, snapping my foot in half," said Johnson.

The park was built over a decade ago but Johnson said it's a park that's been neglected.

"The city hasn't done any maintenance on the concrete so there's rust. The concrete's chipping and falling down on the park. It's a hazard. The drains don't work properly," said Johnson.

So, he and others in the Midland Skatepark Association are getting together to make changes.

"We're looking to revamp, fix the park, add some upgrades to it, maybe a big intersection, some benches," said Johnson.

You see the park means a lot to BMX riders, and other skaters, especially Johnson.

"It's not just only just a skatepark, it's a memorial skatepark for two of my classmates that passed away back in 5th grade."

The improvements would help everyone now and in the future.

"Anytime I can think back to anytime I've had fun or anything in my childhood that I enjoyed, it's always had to do with this skatepark or skateboarding in general," said Johnson.

While also keeping the memory of the kids it's named after alive.

Johnson says he has a meeting with the City of Midland's Parks and Recreation Department next week.

He added the group and other will help raise funds for improvements if they should.

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