MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Even though the Midland and Odessa areas didn’t see any tornadoes during Tuesday’s severe weather, damage was still done by the high winds we’re seeing Wednesday.

“We didn’t really see anything isolated ahead of that system which is probably a good thing in terms of damage cause those isolated cells could have been a little more intense in terms of the way of tornadoes, but that didn’t stop a strong line coming through,” said Nathan Santo Domingo, meteorologist at NewsWest 9.

That strong line responsible for the storms.

“We got an insane amount of rainfall," said Santo Domingo. "Odessa measured nearly an inch which leading up to this, we were really struggling on rainfall. It led to some localized street flooding. There was some large hail just to the west of Odessa, but the main damage was caused by just rain, really heavy winds and a lot of lightning out there.”

Many wonder why certain towns have more damage than others during severe weather.

“Certain areas of the storm are going to be very, you know, cyclical in nature so when we were tracking it, we were seeing some pretty large hail that was moving into west Odessa," said Santo Domingo. "That kind of died down and, once it got onto the other side of Midland headed toward Big Spring; that hail ramped right back up again.”

Our areas are still dry, but Tuesday’s storms almost caught us up on our annual rain average and what we got was a hint of what is to come in the next couple of months.

“We had severe weather storm warnings and tornado warnings, but it’s still march...so it’s definitely not over," said Santo Domingo. "Severe season doesn’t usually ramp up until April and May.”