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Science invades Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

If you attended Family Science Night at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, chances are you were blown away.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Whether it was your first time.

"It looks cool I like science," said Steven Sanchez.

Or your fourth time.

"My grandma took me here and they have a lot of fun stuff that you can do," said Zachery Taylor.

The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum's Family Science Night had something for everyone.

"Too much. Too much to learn for my brain," said Sanchez.

Families got to pet lizards and snakes, mess around with the NewsWest 9 Meteorologists and even practice stunts.

"When you're in the air, it's kind of like if I land backwards. What if it flings me up and I go backwards and I flip into the ramp," said Taylor.

It was a cool way to learn. It might have even bred the next generation of scientists.

We asked: "Does science interest you?"

"More or less. That's probably going to get my friend mad," said Taylor.

We asked: "Is this something that you want to be when you grow up?"

"Yea, but I might become President," said Sanchez.