MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A double check of the Salvation Army shows they are in the final stages of setting up their new facility at Terrell and Wall Street.

A ribbon cutting for the new facility is set to take place April 10, with a grand opening and banquet to follow.

The Salvation Army shared a blueprint which shows dorms for shelter, bathrooms to wash up, laundry to clean clothes, and a kitchen to prepare hot meals for over 80 people in the dining room.

Captain Jeremy Walker sees this as an opportunity to provide even more support.

“All the services we offer now we will still continue offering. We’re just going to be able to offer to a lot more folks and be able to house more folks and be able to feed a lot more folks,” said Walker.

He also says that a bigger facility means a larger workforce.

“We’re going to be able to, with this new facility, be able to employ more folks,” continued Walker. “Get more people some jobs and that’s another thing we look forward to, is being able to not only help people get back on their feet out in the community but help people get on their feet through us at the Salvation Army.”

The project is not yet finished, but Walker says he is excited for everyone to see and experience the facility.

“This facility is coming along. We’re excited about having it. It’s a lot of work and the community’s poured into it and those that have given and we’re so appreciative,” said Walker.

The Midland Salvation on Baird St. is still open while they move, and in Odessa, you can still visit their location on 11th st.