ODESSA, Texas — Firday, bells ranging throughout Odessa to announce the official start of the red kettle campaign. 

"Our goal of 85,000. That is needed to continue the work of the Salvation Army year-round," Gomez said.

Without these funds, the Salvation Army wouldn't be able to provide much of its services to the community. 

"So this is the first opportunity we have to get funds in that allows us to push us through the year. It also gives us an opportunity to gauge what donations are gonna be like throughout the year," Gomez said.

More than 27,000 people benefit from the donation each year.

One of them stayed in their shelter for about 6 months this year.

"But through the process, she was able to better herself tremendously. She was able to get herself a car, she was able to get a job, she went back to school. Her and her daughter now have their own apartments and they are self-sufficient," Gomez said.

Just a few weeks ago, another woman, who just lost her husband and a large portion of her income, was helped by the Salvation Army.

"She was days away from her light getting cut off and in all truth it takes a couple of days for us to cut a check but because of our partnership with TXU we called them and directly they were able to take payment over the phone and her lights stayed on for the Thanksgiving season.

So these bells are ringing through people's lives for their betterment. 

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