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Risk of fires still a concern when temperatures drop

Colder temperatures outside can actually contribute to spikes in fires according to the Midland Fire Marshal.

TEXAS, USA — The temperatures may be colder outside this time of year, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less of a risk for fires.

In fact, it could be worse when it’s colder according to the Midland Fire Marshall.

“It’s not really a certain time in the calendar year, it’s more weather driven," said James Howard, the Fire Marshal for the City of Midland.  "So obviously, the colder our temperatures drop to, the more heating items we’re using. And we do see a rise in fires when all the space heaters come out, the fire places start getting larger fires built in and everybody’s just trying to stay warm. And that’s normally when we’ll see if you’re talking about a spike in our fire calls.” 

So, what can you and your family do to help protect yourselves before and during the event of a fire?

Well the precautions are actually pretty simple.

“If it’s a night, which is the one we worry about the most because people are asleep, smoke detectors are your number one safety item you can have in your house," Howard said. "Smoke detectors are going to alert you in the middle of the night so that you and your family can get up. And then at that point we go back to the same thing we teach the young children at school; everybody go outside, go to your meeting place, call 911 at that point. Never ever go back in that house for any items.”

One other safety feature that Howard mentioned that all homes should have is a fire extinguisher. Specifically, an ABC fire extinguisher, which can handle most, if not all, types of fires.

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