MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - During a City Council meeting, the Odessa Director of Public Works and Utilities addressed the dire need for repairs to the 60-year-old Odessa Water Treatment Plant.

The repairs will happen regardless, but some other upgrades were also proposed to the council.

The biggest change proposed would bring reverse osmosis water directly to the homes and businesses in the city.

Director of Public Works Thomas Kerr has asked the city to approve the addition of an advanced treatment system that would reduce the number of total dissolved salts in the water.

Reducing the number of TDS can save both businesses and homeowners money.

“These are the things that cause our water heaters to go out sooner, cause our piping to become very corroded, keep our glasses nice and clear. You won’t have to go to the store to buy bottled water. You’ll be able to drink right from your tap,” said Kerr.

If the city council approves the treatment system, residents could see a slight increase in their water bills.

The actual amount of increase has not been discussed yet because right now the plan is just a proposal.

But Kerr did say that the cost to residents would be much less than the actual benefits of the advance treated water.

If approved, the city of Odessa would see the RO water in their homes as soon as 2024.