AUSTIN, TX (KWES) - Thursday, State Representative Brooks Landgraf announced he filed legislation to effectively repeal the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

House Bill 736, authored by Landgraf, seeks to eliminate current testing systems, like the STAAR test, from being used as high-stakes, one-sized-fits-all substitutes for real accountability measures.

"The state's attempt to ensure academic readiness and hold school districts accountable for student achievement through standardized state-wide testing has failed," Landgraf said.

Landgraf also said, a state-wide assessment instrument places too great of a burden on our students and teachers.

According to him, teachers are forced to “teach to the test” so that the largest number of students can achieve scores that meet the minimum level of satisfaction, and believes this destroys any opportunity for teachers to come up with creative ways to teach.

"In my view, we should value teaching over testing,” Landgraf said. “This bill will allow us to get back to the basics of education so that Texas students are prepared for college, the workforce or the military when they graduate.”

The 86th Texas legislative session is underway and will run through May 27, 2019.