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PBRC getting adjusted to new COVID-19 guidelines

The Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center has been serving the community for over 30 years, but now their services are looking a little different.

ODESSA, Texas — Masks, temperature checks and parents waiting outside in the car are new factors that the Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center is getting used to.

"We have changed a lot," said Occupational Therapist Assistant John Trotman. "Only the people that need to be in here are in here, the child comes back, receives their treatment then we return their child to them in the parking lot."

But of course during the summer, waiting in the car isn't easy.

"But some parents are here for a hour and a half and that's a long wait, and it's hot." said Clinic Director Shaye McIntyre.

Even with these new restrictions, everyone there is just excited to be back helping the kids.

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"One of the therapists was holding a little girl's two hands and the little girl was jumping," said Executive Director Kim Ortega. "When she started here she was in a wheelchair, now she's walking in the walker and learning to jump."

"That shows you when you see that, how important what we do here is to these kids and their life," said Trotman.