MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Hundreds of people showed up to the Wagner Noel February 11 for the Priority Midland launch event.

The crowd was made up of officials from both the city and the county, oil, and gas stakeholders, representatives from organizations within the community, and the public.

The event featured two keynote speakers, Dr. Ray Perryman, and General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal.

Dr. Perryman, a world-renowned economist spoke to the success of the Permian oil patch and its significance to the world and U.S economy.

He also spoke on the future of oil production in the region and its continued positive outlook, a reason shareholders and community leaders need to come together to ensure Midland remains sustainable.

General McChrystal also gave an impassioned speech revolving around his time in the U.S. military.

McChrystal who oversaw some of the largest joint military operations in U.S. history including the Iraq war of 2003, relayed anecdotal stories of how the tides of war didn’t change until a massive plan of cooperation between U.S. agencies was accepted.

The messages of the speeches ultimately outlined a promising future that will require teamwork among public and private partnerships to sustain.

A final presentation also outlined the first steps that Priority Midland will take to address the outlined priority needs of the community which include; housing, transportation, infrastructure, quality of place, and education.

The plan of Priority Midland is to establish working groups within the community to address each issue, a team of teams working towards solutions across the community.

These working groups are expected to meet at least once a month going forward in the future and will be made up of Officials, representatives, and oil and gas stakeholders. With the objective to find solutions, combine resources, and accelerate funding for said projects.