by Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO COUNTY - Another chance for the government to develop a drone testing site has been denied. On Tuesday, the Presidio County Commissioners voted to pass a resolution that concerned tri-county citizens drafted.

According to the Resolution, drones have to be as safe as human pilots before they are approved.

The county states that drones have to be deemed safe and beneficial for the county.

Paul Hunt, Presidio County judge, said he wishes drones would avoid two criteria.

"Number one, emergency services, and number two, economic development. And it seems to us, if not done right, this could significantly impact those two high priorities of ours," Hunt said.

Presidio County officials say they need more information before agreeing to a test site. Congress tasked the Federal Aviation Administration with finding six testing sites around the U.S.

Alpine was designated as a possible launch and recovery site last month but city council members voted against it.

Pilots in the area, including Kevin O'Cuillin, were worried about safety.

"It's a very dangerous situation. A drone can't see us. As we learned earlier, there is no air traffic control," O'Cuillin said.

Residents in the tri-county area do feel better. Oscar Cobos started a petition against drones in Alpine and talked with Presidio County about taking measures to prevent a testing site.

"We're going to set a precedent in what can happen in cities, municipalities, counties," Cobos said.