TEXAS, USA — Planned Parenthood is now offering an easier way for Permian residents to get prescriptions for birth control as well as receive treatment for urinary tract infections. 

For the same quality of birth control and UTI care, a request can be made anytime and anywhere, using the Planned Parenthood Direct app. 

With the nearest Planned Parenthood Health Center being in El Paso, Permian Basin residents will find this app very helpful. 

Texans can receive birth control prescriptions for up to a year as well as free shipping, while using the app. 

 After downloading the Planned Parenthood Direct app for free on Android and iPhone app stores, patients will provide the required information for review by a Planned Parenthood provider. If eligible, the provider will approve the birth control for delivery by mail or a local pharmacy, depending on what the patient needs. 

With this app, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, explains how barriers are minimized.

“Through telemedicine, Planned Parenthood is minimizing barriers such as time and transportation for Texans seeking birth control pills. Especially for Texans who don’t live or work near a Planned Parenthood health center, Planned Parenthood Direct connects them with the high-quality care they would receive during a visit at a Planned Parenthood health center,” says Ken Lambrecht.

If signing up for birth control, Planned Parenthood Direct will walk patients through the benefits of each birth control method.