Pet Store Fires Back Against Planned Protest
By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Protestors plan to setup shop across the street from Your Pet's Store in Midland on Saturday. The group wants to raise awareness about the atrocious conditions found at puppy mills. Cindy Williams, owner of the store, says her pet shop is the wrong place for a protest. Williams says she only buys dogs from quality breeders.

"I am just as against puppy mills as anyone," Williams said. "I know what they are and I would never support one."

Williams says she buys from six area breeders who all have clean healthy dogs. Williams said she has even reported a puppy mill to the USDA. After she buys a dog, Williams says the puppies are kept current on vaccinations and kept clean.

Still Midland Animal Control Director Paul O'Neil says Animal Control receives complaints monthly from people who say they bought a sick dog at the store. He says that is usually an indication the dogs came from bad breeders. Adding, many complaints have come from people who say they bought a sick dog and Your Pet's Store did not refund their money.

"You can do everything in your power but if the puppy has a weak immune system, the puppy can get sick. It's a living thing," Williams said in response to the complaints with Animal Control.

Breeder Marsha Allison sells puppies to Your Pet's Shop.

"All my dogs are socialized. They love me and I love them," Allison, who raises mostly Yorkies and Chihuahuas, said.

Allison's operations is licensed, just like Williams' shop, through the United State Department of Agriculture. Allison is also licensed through the American Kennel Club.