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Cantaloupe Festival returns to Pecos

"Pecos is two miles wide, two miles North and South but I'll tell you what, it's a wonderful community," said Al Pell with Masonic Lodge 736.

PECOS, Texas — This past weekend, Pecos residents celebrated its sweet and iconic cantaloupes for the first time in a while.

"The cantaloupe festival started in the 1900's and they've been doing them and they pair it with a fly in that goes on in the airport and it hasn't gone on for a very long time and so we decided to bring that festival back," said Amber Redden with Keep Pecos Beautiful.

The point of the festival is to bring a sense of community and support.

"This was one of those things as business owners, we want to try and bring the community together to help everyone because if we're all thriving in our businesses and what we're doing in our community, it's great for everyone." Redden said. "They're grown here they travel everywhere and so we are known for the Pecos cantaloupes." 

The cantaloupe for the Pecos community has brought them plenty of attention. Recently, the popular fruit joined forces with Tall City Brewing for West Texas collaboration. 

"We're doing a cantaloupe fundraiser, were taking the cantaloupes that were donated by kind host at cantaloupes and we are using these cantaloupes, cutting them up and were giving them to people who want to donate money to the high school scholarships for Pecos High school students and Balmorhea High School," said Al Pell with Masonic Lodge 736.

The people of Pecos are proud to celebrate their town.

"Pecos is two miles wide, two miles north and south but I'll tell you what, it's a wonderful community," Pell said.

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