LUBBOCK, Texas — NAAG Pathology Labs announced on May 28 it would not be renewing its contract with Lubbock County.

In a letter addressed to Judge Curtis Parrish, the lab stated that while it has been an honor to provide services as the medical examiner for Lubbock, the crucial role it plays in the criminal justice system means "we must not allow politics to distract us from this vital mission".

Dr. Evam Matshes, a forensic pathologist for NAAG Pathology Labs, stated they were proud of their efforts and accomplishments in upgrading the medical examiners office.

Matshes also states that they had always intended to hire an additional pathologist for Lubbock County. However, "the environment created in Lubbock County by a few individuals with personal or political agendas have made those recruiting efforts virtually impossible."

According to the letter, the partnership will officially end on September 30, 2019.

"As Lubbock County moves forward, we sincerely hope that the next Medical Examiner will have the full support of all County Commissioners and the community, free from personal and political agendas that detract from efficient county administration," said Dr. Matshes.

The termination of the agreement comes three months after County Commissioner Jason Corley accused Dr. Sam Andrews, the Chief Medical Examiner of Lubbock County, of illegally harvesting organs.

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