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Midland parents voice thoughts on the Pfizer vaccine for younger children

Two Midland mothers have school-aged children and both may soon have to make decisions if the FDA approves Pfizer's request.

TEXAS, USA — With children at a lower risk for death or serious illnesses from COVID-19, there are still more than 5 million children have tested positive. Pfizer wants the FDA's approval for a vaccine for children ages 5-11. 

Some parents, like LaDawnia Scott, who's a mother of four, has reservations about the vaccine. 

“I understand the urgency but with kids I think we forgot they’re not little adults so you can’t just cut the dosage in half," says Scott.

Her youngest child, is nine years old and Scott is not in agreement with her getting the Pfizer vaccine. 

“I don’t think that with our children you can take those chances. You can say we got one for the adults. That’s seems to be doing okay. Let’s get one out for the kids too," says Scott.

Amanda Provence, is a stay at home mom and her entire family has been vaccinated. She has three kids ages, 2, 11 and 15. Her two-year-old is too young for the vaccine, her 15-year-old is already vaccinated and now she needs to decide if her 11-year-old should get the vaccine. 

"Everyone in my family that can be , has been vaccinated and the only 2 left are my 11 and 2 year old son. So I’m anxious to get them taken care of," says Provence, “the first day we can we’ll be the first in line. My son is beyond ready."

Difficult decisions for both families and two different approaches. 

“We just try to be calm, cool and collected, we definitely stay prayed up," says Scott, "if it comes up. It’s definitely something we’re willing to look at and reevaluate in far as the reasoning is."

If authorized, the vaccine will be ready in the next couple of weeks. Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are still running tests for vaccine for kids 5-11.