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Parents need not worry about child care thanks to the Midland YMCA during school closures

The Midland YMCA is offering child care services for kids ranging from 6 weeks old to 12 years old.

MIDLAND, Texas — Not every parent is able to stay home from work during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Those with children may find themselves looking for child care services. 

The Midland YMCA hopes to solve that problem.

"We are opening our facility for emergency child care for people that have to go to work, low income families, scholarship families of the Y, healthcare providers, teachers-anybody that needs to go to work can bring the kids here to the Y for a full day of care," YMCA youth director Kylie Roman said.

The YMCA understands why people with children may still need to go to work during times like this.

"People still have to provide for their families. People still have bills to pay. People have to provide food for their kids, and without going to work, they don't get paid," Roman said.

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But even with the schools closed down, the kids are still getting an educational experience. From arts and crafts to science experiments to virtual field trips to the San Diego zoo, these kids are continuing to learn outside of the classroom.

And when it comes to the coronavirus, the YMCA is making sure that they do everything to keep the kids healthy.

"We are stressing that we are washing their hands and every chance I get there's washing. We're cleaning, sanitizing, deep cleaning and doing that excessively and just making sure that we keep the kids healthy here," Roman said.

The YMCA will be offering this service for as long as they can stay open or until the CDC says they need to shut down.


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