by Justin KreeNewsWest 9

ODESSA - 12 Employees at KVB Enterprises were laid off via text message earlier this month. They claimed they never got the money they earned.

NewsWest 9 spoke with the company's previous owners, Jeremy and Mariah Cleaver, as well as the current owner, Jamie Brown.

The two began blaming one another for not paying the owed money.

"My husband and Jamie Brown signed papers back in November saying Jamie bought the company, KVB Enterprises, from my husband Jeremy Cleaver," Former Owner of KVB Enterprises,  Mariah Cleaver said.

Brown sees it differently.

"January 9 is when I filed the paperwork with Secretary of State and it was put on the website as me as the owner on January 16," Current Owner of KVB Enterprises, Jamie Brown, said.

Mariah claims Jamie decided in December not to purchase the company. Cleaver says that is when the text message of termination went out to the employees. Cleaver tells NewsWest 9 that Brown's name was still on the paperwork, therefore, he still owned the company and she couldn't get into the companies bank accounts so Brown needs to pay.

"Jamie took my access to the bank accounts away where I couldn't do anything. He did send in the amendment paperwork to the state back on January 8 that he was the legal owner so therefore he's responsible for paying these employees," Cleaver said

But the question of who had access to the bank accounts is a question the previous owner and the current owner can't answer.

"Legally, I have no bound for that company and couldn't do anything except watch Jeremy and Mariah steal money until just about a week ago," Brown said.

Both the Cleavers and Jamie seem to think one another is responsible for coughing up the money but there is one thing that they can agree on.

"If they cannot get their money, I would take legal action against the new owner. I apologize fully and if I had any control in it, I would pay them," Cleaver said.

"There is no more money coming in for work that has been done. The Cleavers got it," Brown said

Brown thinks employees should take legal action against Cleaver.

"Absolutely. That is totally unfair. The Cleavers should be in exile and in hiding and ashamed," Brown said.